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Zincalume and Colorbond – Whats the difference?

One of the most important decisions when deciding to build a shed is which material to choose for your project. The two steel choices you have available to you are Colorbond and Zincalume. These steel products have been created and trademarked by steel manufacturers as durable products that have been tested to withstand corrosion. When considering which product to use for your shed it will be important to consider the similarities and differences of the materials. Comparing materials will ensure you have chosen the product that is best for the shed.

Colorbond Steel Products

Colorbond steel is a pre-painted steel material. In 1843, it was discovered that a corrugated roof was durable but required ongoing painting to maintain. Colorbond steel was created to eliminate the high cost of ongoing painting. Sealed with the pre-painted finish Colorbond steel has a Zincalume core that has been proven to be durable.

Due to the variety of design options available Colorbond steel is a popular choice for commercial projects.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Colorbond

The most important advantage for consumers using Colorbond steel is the amount of color options available. The color choices give customers the creative flexibility to make their shed unique. Sheds constructed with Colorbond steel is also more thermally efficient than other steel products. In some cases, property owners have qualified for insulation concessions when choosing some of the lighter colors of Colorbond steel. The biggest disadvantage of Colorbond steel is the price. It is more expensive than other steel materials.

Zincalume Steel Products

Made from aluminum, zinc, and silicon Zincalume steel is a durable metal. With a lifetime of almost four times, that of galvanized steel, Zincalume steel has been designed as a product that is built to last. Not only does this ensure lifetime savings for the property owner it also allows for less environmental concerns associated with replacing building materials.

To ensure durability Zincalume steel has been tested over a seventeen-year period. During the testing, more than 5,000 Zincalume steel panels were exposed to a variety of elements and environments including marine exposure. Over the course of the testing period, Zincalume steel was proven to reliably stand up to all of the elements.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Zincalume

Zincalume steel is made with new technology and has an activated-aluminium coating. This makes it much tougher & more resistant to any scratches during installation

It is an environmentally-friendly product and is recyclable. This reduces the impact on the environment

It is cheaper than other steel products and it fits into modest budgets

The one major disadvantage of this material is that it has a shiny aluminium color which tends to dull over time. Many property owners feel that it does not complement the look of their shed and that it has a negative impact on the aesthetics of their property.

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