Our Design

Steelcorp design

The Steelcorp steel structures have been developed through a most extensive research program conducted by engineers, designers, builders, technicians, building surveyors, plumbers and installers. The final design is our guarantee that every building is of high standard.

Steelcorp strength

The Steelcorp building systems have been fully tested, practically and theoretically to the most stringent Australian wind loads and design standards. The Steelcorp building systems comply with Australian standard codes including; AS1170 loading codes – including 1170.3 Snow loads, AS3600 concrete structures code, AS2870 residential slabs and footings, AS4100 steel structures code, AS4600 cold formed steel structures code. The strength of every Steelcorp building is the incorporation of quality components with a wholly competent design.

Steelcorp flexibility

The Steelcorp team have developed a concept that provides customers with a wide range of sizes and specifications to suit most building applications. Openings such a roller doors, sliding doors, windows and personal access doors can be positioned virtually anywhere in both side walls and gable ends. Open bays and gable ends are also an option easily introduced.

Steelcorp finish

All Steelcorp buildings are supplied complete with gutters, downpipes, ridge and barge capping and corner flashings as standard components.

Colour options

Steelcorp Building Systems are available in a wide range of BlueScope colorbond colours. The colour scheme is supported with an Australian made, low fade, corrosion resistant, low maintenance guarantee. BlueScope steel offers a warranty for Colorbond steel for various applications.

View the colorbond colour range here.

More information on warranty terms and conditions is available at www.colorbond.com

Shed designs

Steelcorp offers three shed designs, the C Frame, Z Shed and Stud Frame. The difference lies in the ridge and eave connections and the column used, however, all are equally as strong. Each of the Steelcorp designs are supported by authentic engineered computations.

C Frame

The advantage of the C Frame is the flexibility with the pitch allowing it to be modified from 10 degrees up to 30 degrees to suit various purposes. The C Frame uses a bolted welded sleeve bracket which fits securely over the C purlin at the eave and the ridge.

Z Shed

The Z Shed is a precise design with the columns being uniform on both sides. The ridge connection is set at a 12 degree pitch with a collar tie across the centre giving unparalleled strength.

Stud Frame

The Stud Frame uses SHS columns and steel studs as wall girts. This frame is purpose built with flush columns and wall girts to facilitate lining the internal frame and to allow for horizontal cladding, either monopanel or corrugated. This design also allows the pitch to be altered to suit various applications.