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How to take care of your Steel Structure

A new shed or steel structure is a significant investment. Whether it be the new hay shed on your farm or the American barn on your rural
property it pays to be ‘shed smart’.  Here are some tips to keep your structure looking and feeling great! We believe Steelcorp structures have a heart – they deserve to be treated well.

  • Colourbond Steel

  1.  Did you know that the warranty on Colorbond Steel may be voided if the steel comes into contact with wet concrete? This is because the coating on the steel can react and may lead to corrosion.
  2. Areas not regularly washed by rainwater should be hosed down at least every six months and more frequently in coastal areas where marine salt spray is prevalent.

  • Roller Doors

  1. Never apply grease or oil to the roller door guide tracks
  2. Keep the tracks clear of dirt and debris. Cleaning the track with a rag and methylated spirits is all that is needed on a 3-4 month basis.
  • Gutters and Down pipes.

  1. Clear your gutters of debris to ensure a clear run off to down pipes. The best time to perform the clean is after a good rainfall which causes leaves and debris stick together, making it easier to clean out.
  2. We recommend flushing the gutters and down pipes after a clean to ensure there are no areas of pooling or leaks.
  3. If you notice any holes or leaks it’s time to take action. Minor damage can be usually be filled with a temporary fix such as silicon however for more significant damage it is probably time to bring in some professional help.

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