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Create Your Taste..??

Why not Create Your Shed! It’s just as easy.

Ordering a shed from Steelcorp Building Systems can be just as easy as ordering a burger from McDonald’s!


Step One: ‘Choose Your Bun’ (Or in this case, Size)

You can request any size, shape, and layout you want. Our standard heights are 2.4m, 2.7m, 3m, 3.3m, 3.6m, and 4.2m. However, at Steelcorp, we can totally customize all sizes and heights to suit you and your needs.

Step Two: ‘Make it Cheesy’ (With your choice of Wall and Roof Cladding)

Choose your Roof and Wall cladding from a number of different options we offer, OR, ask us to get something in especially for you! Standard options include, Monoclad, Mono-panel, K-Panel, Corrugated, Mini Orb, and Trim-deck. Options dont stop here though. If you see a cladding somewhere that you like, let us know and we will do everything in our power to get it for you. Your Wall Cladding can go horizontal, or vertical, depending on the finished look you are after.

Step Three: ‘Turn up the Taste’ (Add your openings)

In this stage, you can add openings, such as Roller Doors, Windows, Personal Access Doors, Sliding Doors and more. These are also fully customizable, and you can ask for a price on any size you are after.

Step Four: ‘Fresh’n it up’ (With the Full Colorbond Range)

‘Fresh’n it up’ by choosing your colours from the range of 22 different colourbond colours. You can also go with Zincalume or Galvanized. You are not limited to one colour! In fact, you can have as many colours as you want!

Step Five: ‘Get Saucy’ (With Steelcorp’s Optional Extras)

You can then ‘Get Saucy’ with the Optional Extras Steelcorp offers. These include, Skylights, Spinner Vents, Air-vents, Vermin Seal, Insulation, Sisal & Safety Mesh, Gable Infills, Unique Roof Pitch, and more!

Step Six: ‘Make it a Meal’ (With our project management)

Get us to sort out your Building Permit, the Concrete and arrange the Installation of the Job. This means you wont have to do anything more than tell us what you want. We’ll look after everything else.

Whats more, mention this post, and for the Month of September, Steelcorp will be offering “Free Fries” (In the form of a Roller Door Motor) with every Meal (complete package) purchased.

Call us on 1300 668 133 or request a quote to start your creation!

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