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American Barn – Finished job, complete with testimonial.

If we played favorites, this American Barn job would be up in our top 5.

This valued customer had a good idea of what they were after, an American Barn – the kind I picture when I think of the old American stories I used to have read to me when I was younger such as Little House on the Prairie or similar.

So the team here at Steelcorp set out to make our customer’s idea become a reality.

We came up with a design, which basically looked like this.

 Here we have our finished American Barn!

Our customer picked the colours that were right for them – Manor Red and Surfmist – perfect for an American Barn, and our installers got to work and built the finished product.




This Barn was 10.8m Wide x 10.8m Long x 3.3m High. It had a Mezzanine Floor, Personal access door and six 3m roller doors – three at each end.

Supplied and installed at a farm in Bobinawarrah, Vic.

We were very happy with the finished product, and so was our Customer!Here is the testimonial we received shortly after the job was complete.


Hello Ross

I just wanted to let everyone know that it was a pleasure doing business with you all – from Laura at the first point of call, yourself, Darren and his team and last but not least Matt.

Everyone has been so professional, helpful and good humoured. I was very impressed that at each stage I was kept up to speed around what was happening during the whole process.

I think you should all be very proud of the very professional and friendly service you provide – not to mention the wonderful product.

Best of luck to you and all of your team.

Kind Regards


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  1. The work is completed quickly, the crews they use are skilled and they are very careful and keep things as clean as possible while working. There is no job too small or too large that they can not do. If you want a job well done, my husband and I highly recommend this company.


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