3 things to consider when picking your next shed

Is organizing the garage on your to-do list? Or did you just pick up an truck load of new gardening equipment and you need somewhere to store it all? Maybe the garage has slowly filled up with stuff, and all of a sudden, your car has to park in the driveway.

If this sounds like you, chances are you’re in the market for a storage shed. While you might think that all sheds are pretty much the same, that’s definitely not the case.

Having a storage shed that fits your needs for size, purpose, quality and style is the difference between using it for decades to come — and replacing it in a year. Not to mention the immense value it will add to your property if you come to selling!

So, with all that said, here are some things to consider if you are thinking about buying a backyard shed

Shed Size

Storage shed size is the most important thing you need to consider. Firstly, you need to measure your space, or better still, ask the Steelcorp team for a site visit to determine what you can fit!

The size of your new shed determines how much you can store, whether it’s a ride on lawnmower, (we have recommendations for these by the way) tools and a workstation, old car parts, or those boxes of stuff you still haven’t unpacked from your last move.

However, you don’t want to be paying for wasted space. That’s why its crucial to make sure the size shed you get fits the size space you have in the most practical way possible!

Shed Style

You want your shed to be something you enjoy seeing in your backyard, hence the reason to consider the style of it. Do you want a standard style, or something a little more fancy?

Available in most sizes, here are some of the options Steelcorp Offers. Remember, we can build you something custom too, so don’t be afraid to ask!

  • Z-Shed — This is by far our most common for a standard shed. It has a 12 Degree roof pitch, and can be up to 9m wide and any length! Our standard bay sizes with with shed are 3m or 4m. This comes in every one of the 22 colourbond colours, and can be customised with your choice of openings.
  • C-Frame – this is the next most popular after the Z-Shed. The main difference between to two is the ability to customise the roof pitch! This can give your shed a more contemporary look. Like the Z-Shed, this also comes in all the colourbond colours, and the openings can be customised. This frame packs a punch – its engineered to be able to go to spans of 20m +.
  • American Barn – I know what your thinking – I don’t have the space for a barn in my backyard! While this may be true, you do have space for a mini barn! This can be made in all the standard backyard shed sizes, usually 6m x 6m or 3m x 3m– its just made to look like an American Barn. Pretty cool huh?
  • Skillion Shed – this can be done in pretty much any size you want as well. It is particularly useful if you wanted to put your shed up against an existing building. This can also be a lean-to onto any of our other sheds!

Remember, all these options come in all the colourbond colours, and the sizes can be customized. They also can come in a variety of different cladding options! Check out our website to learn more

Shed Options

Customizing your shed to suit your individual needs is extremely important. Whether its insulation on the roof to stop condensation, or maybe you need it on the walls as well for some extra comfort when you are tinkering around on your car in winter. Do you need ventilation? If so, we can offer spinner vents. What about those pesky mice and other creatures? Do you need vermin seal to stop them getting in? whatever problems you face, Steelcorp will be able to help fix them.


One other thing to look out for is experienced tradesman. You don’t want to have your dream shed built on a poor quality un-level slab. Steelcorp can either look after the whole project for you, or recommend high quality trades for you to use.

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