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12 things you should consider asking when purchasing a Shed Kit.

You are buying a shed, it’s a big decision. Who do you buy it from? How much do you want to spend? Is a Kit the right option for you? Whatever you decide we think we can help you out. With years of experience in high quality shed design and construction Steelcorp Group know the questions to ask before you buy a kit shed to make sure you get the best value for your hard earned money.

Has it been quoted in Zincalume or Colorbond? Whats the difference I can hear you ask! Both products are high quality will provide a durable and strong options for your shed. Zincalume is cheaper than Colorbond fitting into a more modest budget and is also recyclable limiting its impact on the environment. Colorbond on the other hand is a little more expensive but provides a range of colours and is more thermally efficient than Zincalume.

Have they included doors in the quote? Pay close attention to the quote you get and make sure you ask the question. “Are doors included with this quote?” Doors can be expensive and this could create a shock or blow out a budget if you need to revisit later.

Are gutters or down pipes included? Another thing is drainage, making sure you are set up with the right drainage for your shed is really important for the longevity of the building.

Does the shed come with insulation? Factoring in insulation is key to working/playing comfortably in your shed. The right type of insulation can make the shed a more tolerable place to work and a more comfortable place to play depending on what you are using it for.

Will the shed be well ventilated? Ventilation can assist in balancing the temperature inside the shed with the temperature outside the shed. Not only does this help the shed be more comfortable but it also helps improve the structural integrity and longevity of the shed itself.

Does the price include delivery? The sneaky trick in retail, a great deal in the price of the product can be made up in the cost of delivery. Be wary here. Make sure the quote includes the delivery charges as the components of the shed will likely be too big for you to transport yourself and you don’t want to get caught out!

Is the concrete for the footings or floor included? Another note to make is how your shed is going to be fixed to the ground. Is this included in your quote? Concrete can be an expensive added cost and can also be hard to organise quickly. Don’t let it delay your project or increase your spend. Know what it will cost before you sign off on the project.

Will the earth works for footings be done by the company? There are many considerations to cover off before you can assemble a kit shed. One is earthworks. Who is going to do them? Do you know what is underground where you need to dig? This is important information not just for budgeting your project but also for the safety of the project.

Will they look after council approvals and permits? Permits are important also. Do you know what permit you need? Make sure you ask your supplier this question. Better yet can they source this for you?

Will they cover the costs of a building license? Depending on your project you may need a building licence. Is this cost provided as part of the quote or a separate cost you will need to cover? Have you considered erection fees? In the same vein as the licences you will need to cover. Don’t be surprised mid-project will added costs.

Does the price include GST? Lastly check for GST on the quote. 10% can be a great amount if you read the quote wrong or you wrongly assume the quote includes GST.

A new shed should come with a sense of accomplishment and take pride of place on your property. Considering the above questions will make sure your new shed is a happy experience and not a taxing one. Start enjoying your shed before you even have it and do your research and ask the right questions before you decide where to buy.

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