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Unleashing Steelcorps latest creations

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for… the unveiling of our new range!

The team here at Steelcorp has worked hard to design and produce this new range, basing our designs on hours of market research, and some of our valued customer feedback.

This range includes designs that will spark the interests of a range of people, from farmers with the fancy ‘3 Door Skillion’, to the stay-at-home mum with the ‘Skillion Roof Studio’.

Steelcorp Entertainer:

We call this classy shed the ‘Steelcorp Entertainer’, because its perfect for all your entertaining needs. Fit it out with an outdoor kitchen for your ideal outdoor entertaining set up. But having said that, the uses for this shed dont stop at entertaining! This can be your office, yoga room, display room to show off your artwork, kids playroom, the options are endless. Hurry and call us this month on 1300 668 133 to claim your 5% off the kit price for this lil beauty

3 Door Skillion:

If you are looking for a large shed, but dont want it to look like a run of the mill farm shed, look no further. This is the ultimate in large sheds. You have the choice of having standard Roller doors or a more sophisticated approach of having Panel Lift doors.

Steelcorp Contemporary 1 & 2:

These two sheds are similar to our standard garages, however they look totally different as they have the bulkhead facade to the front. perfect if you want to match your new garage in with your house

Steelcorp Mini Barn:

Our American Barn has been so popular, we thought why should people with a lot of room be the only ones who can have a barn? Hello, ‘Mini Barn’. This shed looks exactly like a standard American Barn, however its only 6m wide! Call us for a price on your own ‘Mini Barn’ today!

Skillion Roof Studio:

This studio is perfect for a small office. But its also our favourite pick for a She-Shed.

Steelcorp Attic Garage:

Do you seem to run out of room to park your car in your garage, because you have store all this stuff, that your not really sure what its for but you can’t throw it out? If you do, you’re definitely not alone, and we have the solution. A different approach to the standard garage – a Mezzanine floor.

Steelcorp Mini Studio:

This little shed is also great for a She-Shed. Its so small, you use it to escape and work on your hobby, or send the kids to play. It’s also a different looking garden shed. another benefit about this shed is it’s small enough to not need a building permit.

Do any of these shed’s tickle your fancy? Don’t be shy, call us today on 1300 668 133 to ask for a price. Hurry to order this month to take advantage of our 5% off our new range deal. you could save up to $680 on some shed’s with this deal!

Remember, all sizes and colours on the sheds in this new range can be customized to suit your needs.

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