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12 things you should consider asking when purchasing a Shed Kit.

We have come up with 12 simple questions you should consider asking when you are thinking of buying your Shed Kit.

  • Has it been quoted in Zincalume or Colorbond? (see here for our post on the difference between Zincalume and Colorbond.)
  • Have they included doors in the quote?
  • Are gutters or down pipes included?
  • Does the shed come with insulation?
  • Will the shed be well ventilated?
  • Does the price include delivery?
  • Is the concrete for the footings or floor included?
  • Will the earth works for footings be done by the company?
  • Will they look after council approvals and permits?
  • Will they cover the costs of a building license?
  • Have you considered erection fees?
  • Does the price include GST?

Asking these simple 12 questions will make sure you are totally happy with your finished shed.

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